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Hot Dip Galvanized Dock Hardware

Canadian-Built Toughness at Exceptional Prices !!!

This ultra-durable dock hardware is made locally just a few kilometers away from our warehouse so your hard-earned dollars are going towards quality steel and workmanship, not overseas shipping costs and retail margins.  As such you get hardware you can depend on at industry-best prices.

The steel is domestically-produced so won't fatigue and crack over time like poor-quality imported steel.  Also our hardware is hot dip galvanized right here in Ontario so the zink protection is 3x thicker than the mechanical galvanizing often utilized for mass-produced competitors. 

The hardware holes all have the same pattern spacing so they are compatible with each other, and they are made for 3/8" fasteners to maximize cost efficiency.  Many hardware and dock companies pitch 1/2" hardware as a selling feature but we feel this is a poorly-engineered sales pitch and ends up wasting customer's money.  The connection bolts are a very unlikely failure point on a dock, whether it be in immediate high load scenarios or long-term wear/tear/decay.  The wood, followed by the deck screws, will typically fail long before a bolt will fail (let alone four bolts at once!).  Ask yourself this: Is it really a "feature" to double your fastener cost up to 1/2" when it has no meaningful real-world benefit to your dock's strength or longevity???