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Heavy-Duty Silent Hinge

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Price: $42.99
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The Heavy-Duty Silent Hinge is an extremely robust, quiet and easy to connect/disconnect dock hinge.  Customers rave about the pin's large bent handle that makes it really easy to grab and unlikely to drop when connecting or disconnecting dock sections.  This task is often carried out in the early spring or late fall when temperatures are chilly, fingers are cold, and dock owners can use all the help they can get to avoid dropping valuable parts into the drink!

Hole pattern matches most major dock hardware manufacturers (Dock Edge, Kwikdox, etc.).  Holes sized for 3/8" fasteners.  Manufactured in Canada from North American Steel.

Note:  Noise-reducing bushing lasts several years and is extremely cheap and easy to replace.  It is available from us for just $0.99, or can easily be cut from standard black PVC water supply hose which is available at any hardware or plumbing store.