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The Story of ...

The Beautiful Deck Company is the proud child of Black Box Solutions Inc, a family-owned product engineering firm.  Black Box specializes in evaluating and developing products used by contractors and service companies.  In particular, Black Box focuses on products that reduce or eliminate common hassles and frustrations.

Over an extended period spent consulting to a prominent decking/docking company in the Muskoka region of Ontario,  Black Box Solutions built up a portfolio of decking products that provided them with increased performance and value.

Word quickly spread that the heightened performance of our decking products produce greater productivity and performance per dollar spent.  As a result, many decking and docking companies have taken on our products and now enjoy reduced overall costs and increased customer satisfaction.

The most dramatic praise has come from the craftsmen working on jobsites - they spend less time changing blades, dealing with stripped screws, and all the other hassles they used to consider "part of the job".

In 2006 Black Box Solutions launched The Beautiful Deck Company to offer our exceptional decking products to contractors and homeowners on a broader scale.  The results so far have been outstanding - deckers, dockers and builders in general have tried our products, loved the results, and come back for more.  We hope you will too!