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The Least-Used Guarantee In The Business !

We sell a wide range of products and believe each of them offers unmatched value, quality and features.  Our customers agree, so as a result we virtually never have to deal with returns.  Nonetheless, if you're unhappy with any product delivered to you, we promise to work with you by all means reasonable to address your concern and win your respect and patronage.

If a product is faulty or exhibits a manufacturing defect, simply send it back to us and we will either ship a replacement to you free of charge, or refund your money - whichever is your preference.

To keep prices low for all our customers, we do not offer refunds on tools that have been damaged from misuse, or utilized for a good portion of their expected service life

Since wood is an organic product, very subjective, and no one wants boards that have been returned from another customer's job site, we do not offer returns on wood.  Please be careful to order accurately, and accommodate for offcuts as well as a modest contingency amount (this is customary when sourcing wood).  We only source wood that has been graded to the highest standard the industry offers (First European Grade), but for those overly fussy or unfamiliar with wood, this does not mean every board is perfect.