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ULTIMATE Deck Screws

Mind-Blowing Strength and Durability -  At a Terrific Price!

This is where it all started for us.  We were asked by a large dock-building company to figure out why their docks, which for 30 years had been the best-built docks available, were suddenly shedding skirt boards in the spring.  The answer turned out to be simple - today's lower quality deck screws just weren't coping with the chemicals in modern pressure treated lumber.

The big hardware chains like Home Depot, Rona and Home Hardware are all competing for largely ill-informed consumers.  As the competition intensifies and their margins disappear, they chase cheaper and cheaper screws to offer.  The result is a market full of low-quality overseas-steel, bottom-of-the-spec shaft diameters, and just enough coating to be termed "ACQ-compatible" (ACQ is the new chemical in modern pressure-treated lumber, which is used for the subframes of virtually all decks and docks).  Almost all the "ACQ-compatible" screws on the market only last about 1000 hours in benchmark ASTM B117 salt spray corrosion testing.  Even higher priced screws like GRK's climatek screws only last about 1200 hours.

Our Ultimate Deck Screws are the deck screws that deck builders and deck owners should be insisting on -  stronger steel and bigger shafts give them more than double the twist strength, and starting in 2018 the new and improved coating has bumped the salt spray rating from the already-impressive 1700 hours up to a staggering 3000 hours!

Just look at how much more metal there is through the shaft and threads of our Ultimate Deck Screws compared to the typical box store's so-called "premium" deck screw (our Ultimate Deck Screw is the top one).

Deck builders just love using them because they don't shear off during installation or removal PLUS their unique QUADREX drive accepts greater bit torque without stripping.

The QUADREX head also encourages coating flow during manufacture so you'll enjoy fewer filled heads and much better bit engagement.

These screws can be driven with our high-torque QUADREX drive bits (shown below), or for a bit that is more forgiving in terms of straight driver alignment (but accepts a little less torque before stripping) you can use a standard #2 square drive bit.


( $USD For Shipments to U.S.A.  -   $CND For Shipments to Canada )

EXPEDITED SHIPPING JUST $12.99 in Canada or $19.99 in the US