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ULTIMATE Deck Screws > 3" x #10 ULTIMATE Deck Screws (1500 pcs)
3" x #10 ULTIMATE Deck Screws (1500 pcs)

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Prod. Code: ST-0004

These are an exceptional deck screw.  They are the only screws on the market manufactured exclusively from high-quality Canadian steel.  This gives them an immediate advantage over competitor's screws that rely on overseas steel of unknown quality.

In addition to higher strength, these screws actually use MORE steel as well - so much more that it is obvious even to the casual observer.  The increased shaft diameter and stronger steel result in more than double the twist strength of the typical deck screws sold at box, hardware and fastener stores. (see photo below - Ultimate Deck Screw is in silver)

Great strength is only useful if corrosion is kept at bay, and this is a key feature of our Quadrex Fusion screws.  They have a specialized Alumina Coating that is heat-fused to a Zink base plating, providing maximum resistance to the harsh chemicals in modern ACQ pressure-treated lumber.