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Economy Dock Hinge

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Economy Dock Hinge is typically ordered in pairs to be used for connecting two sections of docks together.  The pin is removable with a hitch clip keeping it in place.  If possible it is best to line the hinge up so it shares it's bolts with a corner - this ties the high-load hinge point into the strongest part of your dock structure (a metal corner bracket).

The main drawbacks compared to the Heavy-Duty Silent Hinge are:

  • much tighter gap between dock sections makes it more dangerous for fingers and toes when sections tip together
  • much tighter gap makes it much harder to maneuver the connecting pin when connecting/disconnecting dock sections
  • only accommodates small angles and angle movements between adjacent dock sections/ramps
  • does not accommodate any mounting misalignment between the two mating halves
  • lower strength

Hole pattern matches most major dock hardware manufacturers (Dock Edge, Kwikdox, etc.).  Holes sized for 3/8" fasteners.  Manufactured in Canada from North American Steel.