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Dock Hardware > Double Keyhole Anchor Chain Mount Corner Plate
Double Keyhole Anchor Chain Mount Corner Plate

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A strong and economical means of attaching and adjusting one or two dock anchor chains. 

This mount corner plate extends below the dock frame and provides two separate keyholes through which anchor chain passes and can instantly be locked into the lock slots.  To adjust either chain height just lift the chain link up and out of the slot, pull/release chain through the hole to a new link location, then let the chain link slip down into the lock slot to secure it's position.

Compared to the Single Keyhole Anchor Plate this Double Keyhole plate can accommodate a second anchor chain, plus it is in the form of a corner which is significantly stronger than a flat plate, plus it mounts to two different perpendicular joists at a corner, which provides much more structural resistance to multi-directional tugging of anchor chains.

Its advantage over the Heavy Duty Anchor Bracket is it's uncluttered appearance since it doesn't stick out from the side of the dock creating a damage hazard for boats.  It's disadvantages are:

  • chain does not slide through as easily when raising/lowering the chain depth position
  • hangs down below the dock creating a possible hazard for the heads of swimmers
  • marginally weaker

Manufactured in Canada from North American Steel.  Hole pattern matches all Kwikdox, Dock Edge and most other manufacturers hardware.