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Messmer's Stain & Coating > Messmers UV Plus for Hardwood Decks (for Ipe, Tigerwood, etc.) - 1 gal
Messmers UV Plus for Hardwood Decks (for Ipe, Tigerwood, etc.) - 1 gal

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This is a very high-quality penetrating stain (never use a film-forming sealant on Ipe) that is formulated especially for Ipe and other hardwood decks.  It is also one of the few hardwood stains that can stand up well to the harsh winter climates.

Annual single-coat applications are very easy to perform (no scraping is required) and will maintain the beautiful colouring of your DiamondWood Ipe decking.

For best results, prepare the deck before staining using our "Ultimate Deck Cleaner & Restorer" (to remove the grit and grime that prevents stain penetration and adhesion) and then our "Ultimate Deck Brightener and Neutralizer" (to brighten wood and create the optimal Ph-level for stain retention).

This product is available in two colours - "Natural" and "Red Mahogany".  The photo below shows bare unstained and unweathered Ipe (left), and Ipe stained with the two available colours - "Natural" (centre), "Red Mahogany" (right).  Customers should note that the Red Mahogany is essentially Natural tint with red pigment added.  The added pigment is a larger particle size than the transparent oxide base pigment in the Natural tint and therefore tends to sit on the surface a bit more rather than penetrate deeper into the wood surface.  As such, over the course of several recoats/years the larger red pigment particles can build up on the wood surface and require occasional removal via sanding or stripping.

These 1 gallon (3.8L) cans will cover approximately 200 sqr feet of wood surface.

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