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Cleaners & Strippers > Ultimate Deck Cleaner with Mildewcide - Step 1 (400 sq ft)
Ultimate Deck Cleaner with Mildewcide - Step 1 (400 sq ft)

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This ultra-popular product will clean the mill glaze, dirt, sawdust, mildew, mold, grey weathering and pretty much anything else from the surface and surface pores of your wood.  It does an amazing job on both bare and stained wood surfaces that our customers are literally stunned at the results.  Ultimate Deck Cleaner followed by our Ultimate Citric Brightener will make old weathered decks look like new again, and is the recommended 2-step prep for staining or restaining wood surfaces.


To get the best appearance and longevity out of your staining or restaining job, it is crucial to give your deck a very deep clean beforehand.  If unwanted particles are not fully removed from the deck before staining, the stain may draw these particles down into the wood and bind them there permanently.  In addition to permanently ruining the appearance of your deck, these drawn-down particles provide orfood for damaging organisms to move deeper into your wood.


Ultimate Deck Cleaner is a super-concentrated and 100% biodegradable formulation developed and sold exclusively by The Beautiful Deck Company.  After proper dilution with water (clearly outlined on label) it provides enough cleaner to rejuvenate 400 square feet of wood surface. (Please note that on many decks the railings and steps may contain as much wood surface area as the actual walking surface.)

Even on fresh-from-the-mill lumber our customers are amazed at the amount of unwanted surface particles the cleaner removes from the wood.  For example, on brand-new Ipe this amazing cleaner removes so much mill glaze and surface tannins that the rinse water is typically the colour of red wine.

The Ultimate Wood Cleaner & Restorer can be applied by pressure washer (use machine's recommended chemical spray procedure), pump-up garden sprayer or paint roller.  It should be applied, left to dwell for about 20 minutes, aggitated lightly with our Ultimate Deck Brush, then rinsed off thoroughly with a pressure washer (low pressure setting spraying along wood grain to avoid wood damage) or garden hose. 

It is highly recommeded that you FOLLOW THIS CLEANER WITH "ULTIMATE CITRIC BRIGHTENER - STEP 2" , especially if you intend to stain your deck afterwards.  In addition to really punching out the beauty of your wood, Ultimate Citric Brightener - Step 2 will neutralize the Ph level of your wood surface.  Proper Ph-level is necessary to optimize stain penetration and adhesion, and to prevent alkalinity-related stain issues.



For glossy coated surfaces or painted surfaces our "Ultimate Deck Cleaner for Finished Wood" is recommended.

This product SHOULD NOT BE USED ON GARAPA tropical hardwood.  For cleaning Garapa we recommend our "ION 417 Composite and Architectural Cleaner" followed by "Ultimate Citric Brightener - Step 2"

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