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Wasting Time and Money Changing Blades?  Not any more ...

These are the jigsaw and reciprocating/sawzall blades you've been waiting for.  Extreme-duty wood cutting blades featuring ultra-hard fused carbide teeth.  Carbide is the only tooth material tough enough to handle Ipe and tropical hardwoods.  Other tooth materials dull almost instantly and as a result cut roughly, slowly, and often create so much friction they actually charing the wood.

Ipe Eater blades are built to cut the hardest lumbers on earth cleanly and smoothly.  On softer woods they outperform other blades by just as large a margin.  

Superior design and superior materials mean faster, cleaner cuts over a longer life.  Once you try Ipe Eater blades you'll never go back to wasting your time and money on inferior blades.