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Kwikdox 2-Hole Tie-Up Ring

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Kwikdox 2-Hole Tie-up Ring provides your best bang-for-the-buck means of creating a rope or chain attachment point on your dock.  It features two bolt holes so the ring won't spin and lossen the attaching bolts (single hole versions spin back and forth as they get pulled from different directions and work the bolt loose.

This ring can be attached on the top, side or bottom of a dock or short platform to secure:

  • boat bow, stern and spring lines from boats
  • tow points for moving the dock around
  • anchor chains and ropes (light duty)
  • guy lines for flagpoles, whips, boat lifts
  • spring lines between docks and points on shore

Holes sized for 3/8" fasteners.  Manufactured by Kwikdox in Canada from North American Steel.