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Ipe Oil - 1 gallon

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Suitable for use on tropical hardwood decks.  Ipe Oil is made by Messmer's for the Deckwise company.  It does not utilize expensive transparent-oxide pigments to the same extent as Messmer's UV+ for Hardwoods.  Instead a portion of the transparent-oxide pigment is replaced with less expensive iron oxide pigments which have a much larger particle size so tend to hide or cloud the natural features of hardwoods more so than Messmer's UV+.  Ipe Oil offers a reasonable lifespan.  In most applications reapplication will be required annually.

Generally speaking Ipe Oil is priced slightly above Messmers UV+ for Hardwood, yet is a slightly cheaper formulation to accommodate the extra layer in the distrubution chain  For this reason we recommend Messmer's UV+ for Hardwoods Natural over Ipe Oil, although both are suitable and well-performing products for tropical hardwood decks

The very best performing product for tropical hardwood decks is Messmer's Caribbean Extreme Teak Oil, available here https://www.beautifuldeck.com/catalog/item/4557254/8016673.htm