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Hardwood Accessories > Ipe Clip Screw Upgrade (applies to all styles of Ipe Clips) for 100pc packs
Ipe Clip Screw Upgrade (applies to all styles of Ipe Clips) for 100pc packs

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Price: $12.99

This option upgrades any of our standard Ipe Clip 175pc Kits to 25% longer screws for greater pull down and holding strength.  Since the screws insert on a 45 degree angle and a portion of them is taken up in the deck board above the joist, these longer screws can provide 38% deeper penetration into the joist (ex. with 5/4 deck boards these longer screws will penetrate the joist to a depth of 1.3", versus just 0.9" with the standard screws).  That deeper penetration translates directly into 40% greater pull down and holding strength.

These upgraded screws also have larger T15 drives versus the T10 drives on the standard screws.  T15 drives have a dramatic 75% higher resistance to stripping.

Just as impressive as the strength gain is the visual benefits provided by this upgrade option. The upgraded screws have brown colour-matched heads.  Decks installed with clips have beautiful fastener-free board faces, however the shiny heads of standard clips are still visible between the boards.  Unlike the standard "shiny" screws, the colour matched heads on these upgraded screws blend in perfectly with the deck, yielding a great overall appearance that is truly fastener-free.