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Hardwood Wrench by Ipe Clip

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Price: $299.99
Prod. Code: L-0090

The hardwood wrench is ideal for straightening deck boards and holding them tightly in place during installation.  It works particularly well with the Ipe Clip hidden clip system by pushing each board tightly against the clips' center web spacers, thereby ensuring tight and consistent board spacing.

This high-end tool is perfect for professional deck builders or large do-it-yourself projects.  It is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum with a genuine hardwood handle, and features the highest straightening force of any board-straightening tool on the market.  It easily straightens all decking materials, even ipe (the hardest and strongest of decking lumbers).

For smaller projects and cost-conscious contractors we offer an alternative board straightening tool called a BoWrench, which is less elegant but is priced considerably lower.