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Ipe Clip Extreme 175 pc Kit

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The Ipe Clip Extreme is the next step up from the standard Ipe Clip. With stainless steel washers molded inside these clips are dramatically stronger and will not weather and brittle over time.

Each complete IPE CLIP® Extreme 175 piece kit comes with the following components:

  • 175   IPE CLIP® Extreme  Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • 190   Stainless steel Torx drive screws
  • 1   1/8" high speed drill bit
  • 1   #1 Torx drive screwgun tip
  • 12   3/8" Tapered Ipe plugs

The Ipe Clip EXTREME is compatible with 1" nominal (actual thickness of 3/4") and thicker decking.  It provides a consistent and tight 3/32" gap spacing between deck boards and is available in brown, black and grey.

For a stronger installation and even more hidden appearance our longer colour-match screw upgrade package is very popular.  Just purchase your required number of kits on this page then purchase the same quantity of upgrade packages (found on the previous page of the website).