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Messmer's Stain & Coating > Ultimate Citric Brightener (now in liquid and containing Mildewcide) - Step 2 (4-500 sq ft)
Ultimate Citric Brightener (now in liquid and containing Mildewcide) - Step 2 (4-500 sq ft)

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Price: $22.99
Prod. Code: L-0021

This fully organic and 100% Biodegradable product will brighten your deck back to the beautiful appearance of freshly laid lumber.  It can even correct discolouration that has occurred as a result of previous cleaning or staining.

Unlike most brighteners which are powder-based, this product is liquid so it will mix easily, it will not harden over time into a solid clump, and it's active ingredients do no degrade and expire over time.  Being a liquid also allows it to be applied to wood using the liquid detergent additive feature of a standard pressure washer, which makes it extremely quick and easy to apply.

Ultimate Citric Brightener, when preceded by Ultimate Deck Cleaner or Ultimate Deck Stripper for Oil Based Coatings, is the recommended prep for staining and restaining.  In addition to punching out the natural beauty of the wood, Ultimate Citric Brightener also neutralizes the wood surface creating the ideal Ph level for stain uptake and retention, thereby maximizing your investment in a quality stain.

Each container is higly concentrated and will brighten and neutralize approximately 400-500 square feet of wood surface.  Please note that on many decks the railings and steps may contain as much wood surface area as the actual walking surface.

Ultimate Citric Brightener works best when applied within 2-3 days of cleaning with Ultimate Wood Cleaner or Ultimate Stripper for Oil Based Coatings. It can be applied with a pressure washer (as the chemical additive), pump-up garden sprayer, or roller/brush.