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Messmer's Wood & Deck Cleaner

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Price: $18.99
Prod. Code: S-0250

This easy-to-use powder-based cleaner will prepare both new and old wood for staining.  It will remove old grey wood fibres, dirt, mill glaze and most other surface contaminants. Cleans approximately 400-500 square feet of wood surface.

It is highly recommended that you brighen the wood with Messmer's Deck and Wood Brightener after Cleaning.  In addition to enhancing the beauty of the wood, it will also neutralize the cleaner to avoid any stain issues associated with an unbalanced surface Ph level.

NOTE:  Feedback from our customers indicates that "Ultimate Deck Cleaner with Mildewcide" tends to outperform "Messmer's Wood & Deck Cleaner".  This makes sense from a chemistry standpoint since Ultimate Cleaner has stronger active ingredients, includes a mildewcide to combat mold and mildew, does not have a shelf life, and because it's liquid rather than a powder it mixes better or can be applied directly with a pressure washer using the chemical additive tube/reservoir.