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Messmer's Liquid Renewer

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A concentrated cleaner ideal for quick maintenance cleaning of oiled decks.  It will not remove any of the existing oil or stain from the wood.

Note:  As a prep before reoiling a faded oiled deck, a much better choice is the two-step Ultimate Cleaner followed by Ultimate Citric Brightener.  The Ultimate Cleaner has a mild stripping action that will remove any old deteriorated oil and/or pigment prior to a recoat.  This prevents a slow buildup of residual pigment that can occur over the course of several annual reoilings.  This much more powerful 2-step cleaning will also remove mildew, dirt, grime, minor weathering (greying), etc. before reoiling so that the surface to be oiled is as close to new wood as possible.  Because Messmer's oil penetrates the wood and cures within it, oiling an unclean deck will tend to draw the dirt down into the wood and bind it there.