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IPE Hardwood > Prefinishing Option - Hand Sanding and Oiling of All 4 Sides
Prefinishing Option - Hand Sanding and Oiling of All 4 Sides

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Both faces of the deck board will be sanded to create a very smooth surface finish and remove any mill glaze that can prevent good oil penetration.  Next all sides will be hand oiled with Messmer's UV+ for Hardwoods, then hand buffed to remove excess oil from creating any kind of surface film that could eventually peel away.  

Protecting all sides of the boards with Messmer's before laying them down allows the boards to acclimate to the local climate and conditions more slowly, which greatly reduces internal forces within the wood and the associated movement and checking of boards.  Staining the bottom sides of boards is only practical before they are laid.

Since offering this option 80% of our customers have chosen this prefinishing option, and the feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive. 

In addition to the above benefits, prefinished boards allow owners to enjoy the beautiful stained appearance of their ipe deck right away.  They don't have to watch their brand new ipe boards begin to weather to grey as they wait for the deck to be completed then wait again for a decent stretch of weather to allow for oiling (ideally about 4 dry days in a row - 2 for boards to dry out, 1 to oil, 1 to cure).

Price is per linear foot.  There are separate upcharges of $0.99 per linear foot for boards wider than 6" and/or for boards thicker than 2" (ex. 4x4 costs $0.99/ft extra, 3x8 costs $1.98/ft extra).