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Ipe Eater Sawblades > 6.5" 40 Tooth "IPE EATER" Circular Saw Blade
6.5" 40 Tooth "IPE EATER" Circular Saw Blade

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Prod. Code: L-0200

The massive ultra-hard carbide tips on these blades are designed with a triple chip configuration that allows them to provide cleaner cuts over a longer life.

On a normal blade all the cutting workload is placed on the tiny corner point of the blade.  As a result it dulls quickly and is no longer able to pierce the wood cleanly and initiate the cut.  The result is a frustrating blade that must be sharpened regularly and only cuts really cleanly when it is first used after a sharpening.

Our unique triple chip blades initiate cuts along an entire edge, not just a point, so they maintain their sharpness longer.  Also, because the wood-cutting action is more of a shaving than a piercing, cuts will be much cleaner and performance will not take a sharp drop as the blade slowly wears.

Blade Specs:

Arbor Bore - 5/8",  Plate Thickness - 0.070",  Tooth Kerf Thickness - 0.110",  hook angle - 10 degrees