ULTIMATE Stainless Deck Screws

At Last ... High-Strength Stainless Deck Screws at a Reasonable Price

Stainless deck screws are the most prestigious and longest lasting of all deck screws.  The downside has traditionally been that stainless screws are too weak and produce too much friction - during installation they simply shear-off or strip.  The solution is our ULTIMATE Stainless Deck Screws:

    • Thicker Shafts for Greater Twist & Bend Strength
    • Stronger High-Quality Canadian Stainless Steel
    • Low Friction ZinkBrite Plating for Easier Driving
    • Quadrex Drive for More Torque with Less Stripping
    • Exceptional Pricing and Unmatched Value!!!

Our ULTIMATE stainless screws have meatier shafts and are made from high quality Canadian Stainless Steel, giving them 50-85% greater twist strength than competitor's screws.  The extra stainless used in our screws is obvious even from first view (In the photo below the upper screw is our 3" ULTIMATE Stainless and the lower is Home Depot's 3" stainless screw).


 As you can see in the photo above, only our stainless screws are zinkbrite-plated to reduce the high driving friction of stainless steel.  Our screws drive easier, quicker, and use less charge from your portable drill.

Another huge benefit of ULTIMATE Stainless Screws is the unique Quadrex drive (see photo below) that accepts much more torque without stripping.  The screws can also be driven with a standard #2 square drive, although much of the advantage of Quadrex drive is lost.






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