The most versitile dock float in the industry !!!


Advantage #1 :  Stronger Plastic = Stronger Float

Almost all our competitors sell roto-molded dock floats made from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), the plastic used for soft commodity items like milk jugs, plastic bags, and snap-on tote lids.  By contrast our floats are manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic using finely tuned blow-molding equipment.  HDPE is a much stronger and tougher plastic that performs better across a wider range of temperatures.  The engineering data below quantifies just how dramatic an advantage HDPE provides:


High Density Polyethylene

Low Density Polyethylene

   Tensile Strength

4500 psi  (270% Stronger!!!)

1700 psi


Moderate to High





  Maximum Service Temp.

120° Celsius

80° Celsius

  Minimum Service Temp.

-100° Celsius

-50° Celsius

  Melting Point

130° Celsius

120° Celsius

   Density (specific gravity)




Advantage #2 :  Continuous Sealed Flange = Unparalleled Mounting Flexibility

The benefits of our floats extend well beyond 270% stronger material.  Most dock floats have small flange recesses along the perimeter with specific predetermined mount holes.  That means that your whole dock structure needs to be designed around those predetermined mount hole locations.  That seems crazy to us!  We think your dock float should accommodate your preferred dock design is - and that is exactly what our floats do.

All our 2x4 and 3x4 floats have a continuous flange that extends 1.5" beyond the main float body all the way around the float.  That means you can easily drill as many mount holes as you like, in any diameter that you like, at any location around the entire perimeter of the float.  Most customers attach the floats with our mount kits (8 pcs of 3/8" x 4" Lag Screws, washers and lock washers), but our flanges are strong enough that even if you only have 3 or 4 mount points around the perimeter the flanges are still plenty strong enough to withstand the full buoyancy load.

Our float flanges are consistent thickness and extend a consistent distance from the float body.  For this reason they are ideal for slot mounting (the float flanges slide into slots in the dock frame - very common with aluminum framed docks).


Advantage #3 : Rounded Shape =  Better Coping with Winter Ice + Less Collection of Drifting Weeds & Debris in Summer

Virtually every other float on the market has sharp edges, extensive recesses, cavities, and/or ribs on the wetted area of the float.  Those features allow forming ice to lock tightly into the float geometry similar to a jigsaw puzzle piece.  If ice wants to move, and your float is locked tightly into the ice, then the ice can exert a tremendous force on your float and attached dock frame.  Our floats however do not lock into the ice - they act more like ice in an ice cube tray - if there is any relative twisting/lifting/movement of the ice surface our floats are better able to pop out of the surrounding ice and relieve the imposed forces on the dock.

Another benefit of the smooth profile (apart from a more elegant appearance) is that floating weeds and debris drifting or getting blown by the dock tend to slip right past the floats rather than getting caught up and collecting on edges/recesses/cavities/ribs.  Algae also builds up more slowly because their is better water flow along the float wall and no cavities of stagnant flow that act as a perfect catalyst point for algae. 


Additional Advantages :

  • Taper-thread breather plug guarantees sealing - unlike white breather valves that can suck in water when floats expand
  • Meets or exceeds all Army Corps of Engineers/EPA requirements
  • Exceptional results in the Hunt Absorption Test (industries preferred test)
  • One piece rounded seamless construction provides maximum protection from ice, animals, wear and decay
  • Uniform .15 nominal wall thickness
  • Resistant to oil, diesel fuel, saltwater, marine life and animal life
  • Ideal for cold weather environments (HDPE has much lower service temp than LEPE)
  • Tightly expansion-filled with high quality Polystyrene
  • Manufactured from eco-conscious recyclable materials
  • 10 year Manufacturer's Warrantee against water logging, losing beads, cracking, peeling or damage from wildlife